Living in Limoux

People often ask why we live in Limoux and my usual response is that although there are lots of lovely towns in France, Limoux was the one that we visited that just seemed to have that "je ne sais quoi". Plus it had everything that we wanted.......near an airport (Bill travels a lot for work), college and lycée (our kids were all school age then), a river and a town square (my treat).

We moved here in the summer of 2008 having spent the last 16 years on the move in either Africa or Asia. To finally have our own house, our own garden and best of all, fresh air and green spaces, was like heaven to me. I still look out our living room window and get seduced by the view of the hills and the vineyards. And then I look in our back garden and get seduced again! I feel ever so lucky.

Limoux is a smallish town in the Aude in France with a population of around 10,000. One thing I like about it is that it is not just a holiday town which dies a death in winter. All year round there are things going on, including festivals, concerts, markets, pétanque competitions and very importantly celebrations of local market produce including the famous Blanquette de Limoux. Of course our local taxes pay for all that but it is worth it. I might not say that when I am old and grey.

Being the South of France, people imagine that we are sitting by the pool all year round, topping up the sun tan. Well, our first 3 years here we had a LOT of snow. Thankfully the winter months seem quite short compared to say the UK but we do get snow, we do get cold and we have a big supply of logs for feeding the wood burning stove.

As for fueling our running passion, Limoux is the perfect place to be. Right outside our front door we have the choice of tracks, vineyards, roads and trails to run around. Plus there are hills and woods to get lost in. There really is something for everyone. I am slowly learning to be more courageous with throwing myself down a hill and unfortunately as I get older, my fears gets worse. Age is never going to be on my side.

I can write loads more about Limoux but I'm going to save that for another day. The grape harvest is taking place right now and I'm going to walk Lily our dog round the vines and see if we can also collect a few figs from the trees along our lane.

A bientôt.