Beware of the DOG!

I've finally decided I need to do something about dogs. It seems to have got worse recently. Why do dog owners think that they can just leave their dogs out all day roaming the streets? For us runners, walkers and cyclists it can be a potential hazard. Plus it is scary.

I've lost count of the number of times dogs have crossed my path and started barking, snarling and basically telling me to get off the road or path. Sometimes their owners are with them and other times the dogs are alone and outside their house as their garden is not fenced. Yes the dogs might be gentle and loving at home but it is their instinct to protect their owner and their territory so you never quite know how they will react with you.

I know of someone who was bitten on the calf by a small dog so he kicked it in the face and dislocated its jaw. I know that sounds awful and I don't think that I could do that, but I do understand. I know another person who was randomly attacked by two dogs whilst our running. She was knocked to the ground but somehow found the strength to kick one of the dogs in the ribs. He let go of her arm yelping and then the other dog turned on the yelping dog. Bit bizarre but it meant my friend had time to get up and run like the clappers.

Our dog Lily
I am by no means a dog hater and even have my own deliciously cute and sweet dog Lily. Although I am 99 percent sure that she would never hurt anyone, we don't let her wander on the road and if we are out walking her then she is on the lead if there are other people about.

So my first plan was to research how to deal with dogs. I had been doing it wrong all along. This is what you need to do if you come face to face with a less than happy dog when you are running.

My second plan was to buy some pepper spray which is legal here in France. My pepper spray has just arrived and I am excited to test it. Mind you I am terrified of it too. Watch this space for my review.....

A couple of weeks later......I've tested the Sabre Red Pepper Gel and here is my review.

Tomorrow I, am heading out armed with pepper spray and a stick. It sort of spoils my run but without them I feel stressed.