I've Signed up For My First Ultra

Talk about midlife craziness but Bill and I have just signed up for our first ultra. An ultra is anything longer than a marathon and as it may well be our one and only ultra we've signed up for 50 miles/80KM!

This is what we have signed up to.......

Eco Trail Paris 80km

Now that we have done it, I've been telling as many people as possible as that way we will have to do it. No excuses. I mut admit 1 month on and I am starting to get a bit panicky. I've found a 16 week training plan and it starts next weekend - yikes. This is now real.

Finding a training plan was hard.

Should I train by time or by distance. Both seem to have their merits and as I train by heart rate and run purely aerobically (i.e slow!) anyway, a time based plan seemed the lost logical. However I was worried that going by time, I would not run enough distance on my long runs. So, in the end I've gone for a distance based plan as I think that will give me the psychological confidence that I can do this beast of a run. I will probably adapt the plan a bit but generally I will stick to it which means I will be running I guess 5 days a week and upwards of 7 hours a week. I currently run around 6 hours so what is one more hour - a lot I think!

I am also starting to think about what to wear. I bought  a great hydration backpack off AliExpress (cheap but so happy with it) and now I am on the hunt for a running jacket. Mid March in Paris cold be cold and wet but it could also be really hot as happened a couple of years ago. I'm thinking waterproof, windproof and with a hood. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. As for shoes, I think I'm going to run in route shoes as opposed to trail shoes which I tend to find heavy. I'll be practicing on my runs to see what feels best.

I will write reviews as my training progresses, of the equipment I am using or might use as that might help you in the future.

This is a huge learning curve for me so fingers crossed all will go well. Of course it will - positive affirmations Nicole :).