Week 4 of Ultra Training

I can't believe I am already in week 4. It is a nice thought in one way but then I feel panicked in another. I don't want it to go tooooo quickly as I really don't feel I am anywhere near ready. I guess that is how I am meant to feel. And that is why we do the training.

I am training 5 days a week right now. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then Saturday, Sunday. The weekend runs are the long ones with Saturday being longer than Sunday. Last week I did 19km and then a 13km and the weather was foul - freezing wind and snow. The only good thing was that I got to try out my new Salomon Lightning waterproof jacket. I'll be writing a review on it in a few weeks when I have had more time to test it.

Update: Here's my promised review of the Salomon Lightning jacket.

Salomon Lightning Jacket - Trying it on for size

I am also planning on testing the the UGLOW rain hybrid jacket which I am really excited about. However delivery is taking ages - 3 weeks so far and not a peep from them. They are a fairly new French company so I think that they are still finding their feet.

I also tried out some new compression socks today. Testing your equipment is really important and I'm glad I did as the socks gave me a huge sore on one of my toes. The seam on the inside near the toes rubbed like anything. They were cheap! I do have 2 other pairs of compression socks which cost a lot more and they don't have seams in delicate places. I guess you get what you pay for. If you are wondering if compression socks are worth it, I've written about the why's and the what they do on my website. Compression socks are they worth it?

So, for now I am feeling ok. I do get moments of thinking that I'll never be able to run for 11 hours. I can just about manage 3 and then I am ready for a massage and lots of TLC. No, I don't have a masseuse so it is wishful thinking......However, I am really excited at the same time, about having a challenge. It is good to set challenges in life whatever they might be.  So yes I am still smiling, yes I am managing the training and no, I don't have any injuries....touch wood.

PS More Running specific information is on my website www.midliferunning.com