It's All about the time on your feet

I'm in shock as I am already on week 15 of ultra training. How did that happen? I won't lie, but I am starting to feel a bit tired, however I am also feeling strong.

Although things are going well, I stress all week about the long run that I have to do on the Saturday, followed by another semi long run on the Sunday. However once I have done them, then I wonder why I got so stressed.

Over the past few weeks I have done 35km (twice),  39km (twice), 50km and now this week 42km. Then  it will be 3 weeks of slowing down. I think that in itself is going to be a shock to the system as I am so used to planning my day, sorry no my life, around running so what am I going to do with all those extra hours? I am now up to running over 12 hours per week. I look at that and feel elated and shocked. Before I started ultra training I was doing around 5 or 6 so this is a huge leap for me.

One think I am hugely happy about is that I have not been injured. I am walking all the hills and only running (well trotting actually) the flats and the downhills. Everything centres around my heart rate and for me that means not going over 128 bpm. Being slow has an advantage in that injuries are less likely as your body is less stressed but then the flip side is that I am on my feet for so fricking long. I sing to myself, I talk to myself and I just think, think and think some more. Occasionally trance mode takes over  but that usually means I end up running over my heart rate. Thank goodness Bill is back this week so we can run together and I can bore him with my chit chat.

The only niggle that I have, is a pain in my left buttock, rather like I have been kicked in the butt. I have had this before and I am sure it is related to doing hill work along with weak hips. This week I have started doing my hip strengthening exercises - a bit late in the day to start I know. I am also going to visit my acupuncturist tomorrow. Last time she diagnosed piriformis syndrome and she sorted it with 2 acupuncture sessions so fingers crossed that she can work her magic again.