It's getting hot out here so take off all your clothes.....or Run Naked!

Me in my #RUN NAKED #UGLOW attire.
I'm ashamed to say that I don't seem to have written a post in a few weeks. No excuses really except that it has been so hot here in Limoux (hence my post title and my Uglow t-shirt) and I've just not had the energy or the enthusiasm.

However, I now have an objective or new goal I should say and so all of a sudden, I am back up and running :).

My objective is the Marathon des Alpes-Maritime in November 2018 and my goal is to beat my best marathon time. I've only done one marathon!! and the time to beat is 4:12. I think though I may have to overcome 2 issues:

Issue number 1 is the elevation. I had wanted to do a flat marathon but this was the flattest that we (Bill is doing it too) could find at that time of year so I am a wee bit worried about how it will go. Then there is the problem of finding out exactly how un-flat it is. The website is not clear and people's strava runs seem to show anything from  250m to 450m. Quite a difference.

Issue number 2 is the weather. It could be hot or rainy and mostly likely windy. I don't run well in the heat or the wind, so let's just hope it is raining.

As many of you know, I have been doing low heart rate MAF training but I've decided for this marathon that I really do need some speed work to propel myself along, or at least to give me the confidence that I can actually run at a decent pace if I want to. So I've launched myself into 80/20 training and am doing the level 2 marathon plan.

80/20 Running

The marathon plan is 18 weeks long and basically 80% of the training is done in your aerobic zone and the other 20% in your anaerobic zone. So far I am really enjoying it. There are only 2 days a week when I get a bit panicky as there are intervals or hill repeats but in general I am feeling strong. Thankfully there is a facebook support page so in moments of doubt or anxiety, there is someone to encourage me along.

Till next time :)