Amsterdam Marathon in 7 weeks

I'm half way through marathon training for Amsterdam and so far it is going ok (fingres crossed). I do have stressful days when I whinge to myself that I am not getting faster or that the speed workouts are too hard and the usual, "I'll never be able to run that fast for that long" but all in all I'm surviving it.

I'm using a Stryd power plan and I was definitely unsure at first since power training is pretty new to me and the rest of the running world. Surprisingly though, I feel that the runs are not that different to what I would have done if I was training by pace or heart rate. The main difference is, that if it is windy or hilly, I panic less as I just keep on running at the same power. Wind and hills would normally make my heart rate shoot up and so I would be forced to slow right down.

On marathon day I will be running by power using my Stryd foot pod and not by pace. I'm a bit nervous as this is going to be very alien to me, as I normally I like to go through the 10km or half marathon point at a set time/pace. This makes me sound like a pro when in fact I've only done 2 marathons!. With power I still don't really know what pace I will be doing, apart from making a rough guess of what paces I have achieved through training. It is going to be interesting and maybe a wee bit stressful.

Apart from training, I feel good. I am trying to cut out alcohol but there are just too many events when it is tempting to have a glass of wine. That's the price for living in France. Alcohol certainly makes me less productive the next day and it certainly gives me a few extra rolls around the middle.

The summer has been great with the kids home for part of it plus family, so lots of occasions for a nice glass of wine. We also went to Bagnols sur Forêt and Aix en Provence on the bike. The timing wasn't perfect as we were returning on the weekend when the rest of France are also heading home. Thank goodness for the bike and Bill's skills at weaving through the traffic. Thank goodness too that I can't ride a bike as that would be a recipe for disaster with my sense of direction.

Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence is very pretty but don't go in July or August if you want a nice romantic stroll round the town. It was heaving with tourists when we were there. There are hundreds of restaurants with pretty outside terraces but by 8pm, they were ALL full. Having been living in France for 11 years now, it was kind of funny as I didn't consider us as tourists, yet we were!

We loved ambling through the many little streets and finding hidden cafes for a coffee or beer (it was VERY hot). We even managed an early morning run - marathon training dedication for you.

Sweetie shop :)

One of the many Place in Aix en Provence

Lebanese Metz - Deeeeelicious

The holidays are now over and it's back to reality. Today was "La Rentrée" for all the school kids in France. Bill and I felt quite relieved that we don't have to go through all that any more. He is back to Africa at the weekend so I'll be holding the fort for a few weeks. Roll on early retirement....

A bientôt